Featured Finish: Black Marble

Finish Styles: White Marble, Black Marble, Rose Granite, Gray Granite
Additional Cover Styles Available check with your Funeral Director
Complementary Name Plate Included
Personalized Vault Covers (also known as Appliqué)
Grave Markers
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Interior Dimensions: 86”L x 30”W x 25”H
Exterior Dimension: 90”L x 34”W x 34”H

Available through our Funeral Directors

The classic appearance of carved stone makes the Aegean burial vault one of our most popular choices. Families can choose from a selection of simulated granite or marble finishes. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns complete the timeless look of this vault. The patented arched cover offers structural stability and is ideal for a personalized appliqué that may include photos, military service emblems, or words of endearment. The Aegean is a timeless choice with everlasting protection.

Aegean Finish Styles